We've made it easy for you by bundling two lightweight, breathable and soft cotton swaddling blankets. A marquisette blanket for warm weather and a flannel blanket for cool to moderate temperatures. A wonderful gift for new parents!
With the SwaddleDuo, parents will be prepared and can select the blanket that helps baby sleep. 

Marquisette Swaddling Blanket
  • 100% breathable cotton marquisette
  • Ideal for warm days and nights
  • 46 x 46 inches (118 x 118 cm)
  • Imported

Ultimate Receiving Blanket

  • 100% breathable cotton flannel
  • Ideal for cool to moderate days and nights
  • 42 x 42 inches (106 x 106 cm)
  • Made in USA
Both blankets feature our exclusive 123 Swaddle instructions sewn on the edge of the blanket.